Rare Florida Civil War Currency

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Original 1861 Dated $5 Bill From Confederate Florida With Goddess Ceres Image This is a scarce original Civil War currency from the State of Florida. This one is for the $5 denomination. It has a clear date issuance of October 10th 1861 in the lower middle section. The date is located right beside the Tallahassee place of issuance. The note it is hand signed and numbered just as it should be. The face has the likeness of the Goddess Ceres seated in the center of the note. The overall size of the note measures 6-5/8ths inches by 2-7/8ths inches in overall size. This note comes in an acid free holder for preservation and display. Florida Notes in any condition are tough to find and this one is a nice original one.

Picture of State of Florida Five Dollar Bill